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Wiki - Need Updating

Introduction #

This page contains links to articles that need updating. If you came from a page that needs updating, please be advised that the information in the article is likely too old to be applicable to you. Do not follow instructions in articles that need updating unless you are on a legacy version of Liferay. If you are on the latest version, ask for help in the forums or if you can, update the article so that the information is relevant.

Guidelines #

If you have updated an article that is marked as "Need Updating," please edit the list below and list the page as pending review. Do not remove the "Need Updating" marking -- a moderator will do that when the page has been appropriately reviewed.

Pending Review #

Place pages that are newly updated into this list.

  • Place article title here
  • Place article title here
  • Place article title here

Needs Updating #

Articles that need updating can be listed here.

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Good article Gustavo Madico February 20, 2013 12:52 AM

Good article
Posted on 2/20/13 12:52 AM.