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Wall Portlet

Introduction #

The Wall portlet allows users to post messages on another user's page, similar to Facebook's wall. You must be friends with a user to post on their wall. Wall posts are visible to all users who are a friend of the respected user. The Wall portlet can only be added to a user's personal page.

More #

The Wall portlet is a part of the Social Networking portlet package in 6.x; in versions prior to 6.x it is a part of the World of Liferay portlet package.

Feature: Wall-to-Wall #

The Wall-to-Wall feature allows you to view only the messages that have been posted by you and the user your are posting to. The Wall-to-Wall feature is NOT a private wall post between you and the user. To view a Wall-to-Wall with a user, go to your Wall portlet and click on the 'Wall-to-Wall' link next to one of posts the user has posted to you.

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Greetings... when i use the... Marlon José López Meza October 16, 2010 3:49 PM
... through social networking api and use the... Marlon José López Meza October 16, 2010 3:50 PM
Hi, I'm trying to add this portlet (to see if... Stijn Geukens January 7, 2011 3:00 AM


when i use the WallEntryLocalServiceUtil class for add entry to user profile, shows a NullPointerException when init a WallEntryLocalServiceClp.

¿How can i solve this?
The solution is for send messages throught
Posted on 10/16/10 3:49 PM.
... through social networking api and use the methods in my own portlets.
Posted on 10/16/10 3:50 PM in reply to Marlon José López Meza.

I'm trying to add this portlet (to see if it would meet our requirements) but I don't see it anywhere in available portlets menu (through Add > More). I moved all the portlets who were in the category hidden to another category but even then there is no wall portlet (nor many others that I would expect) to be found.

Posted on 1/7/11 3:00 AM.