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Upgrade - Command Line Tool

Due to deployment process requirements, some folks must run database upgrades separately and thus cannot allow the portal to automatically upgrade the database.

Modify portal-upgrade-ext.properties with your custom settings so that the upgrade tool can connect your database. All Liferay servers must be turned off when performing an upgrade.

Put any required JDBC drivers into the lib directory. JAR files in that directory will be available to the upgrade tool.

The upgrade tool requires Ant. Please refer to the Ant documentation on how to setup Ant for your environment.

To upgrade your Liferay database, execute "ant upgrade".


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Can we use this tool for 5.2.x Liferay versions... Nagendra Kumar Busam January 22, 2010 1:58 AM

Can we use this tool for 5.2.x Liferay versions or only wiht LR 5.3?
Posted on 1/22/10 1:58 AM.