Taglibs and Examples

Wouldn't it be nice to have documentation on all the OOB taglibs?

There are some strategies that Liferay developers use to figure out what taglibs to use, such as searching the code and searching documentation. Unfortunately the documentation on taglibs are sparse and spread out across sources. This wiki is an attempt at gathering all relevant documentation regarding Liferay OOB taglibs.

Examples of Taglibs #

Attached is a CSV file with 2816 examples of taglibs used in OOB Liferay. There may be errors and such because the file was generated using a regexp with known issues. In any case, it is a starting point for referencing various taglibs.

Source Code #

You can check out the OOB taglibs by searching Liferay's source code at following URI: http://svn.liferay.com/browse/portal/trunk/portal-web/docroot/html/taglib

Links to Relevant Pages #

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I think it is very useful, Do you know if is... Andrés Cerezo April 25, 2011 2:15 AM
Hey Andrés,yes, you can modify a taglib by... Bijan Vakili May 3, 2011 4:14 AM

I think it is very useful, Do you know if is posible to modify a taglib? with a hook or something similar?

Posted on 4/25/11 2:15 AM.
Hey Andrés,yes, you can modify a taglib by using a hook to overwrite the jsp corresponding to the taglib.
Posted on 5/3/11 4:14 AM in reply to Andrés Cerezo.