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    Web sites often need the capability to "assemble, test and review new versions of a website before it goes into production".

    - Wikipedia - Staging (websites)

    Users need the ability to work on a working copy of the website and implement whatever content changes meet new requirements as those requirements change over time. The ability to manipulate this working copy and preview it as if it were the actual site is extremely important because viewing changes in the greater context of the site helps in finding all manner of discrepancies as well as helping to ensure continuity of design. As such, Users with access to Staging should be able to preview a working copy at any time without disrupting the live pages. As well, Users tasked with evaluating the content changes need to be able to view and navigate the site with the least amount of complexity possible.

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    Hi, i have one question. is there any... wan rizuan . February 8, 2010 9:03 PM
    Where permissions APPROVE_PROPOSAL,... Sébastian Le Merdy April 7, 2010 6:19 PM
    Hi, you have to add permissions to the portlet... Bartolomé Martínez Román May 18, 2010 2:35 AM
    When I switch on Staging on a community, I see... Anton Finders July 22, 2010 3:48 AM

    Hi, i have one question.
    is there any disadvantages for server that have more than 10 portal and all staging features is activated?
    - performances
    - memories usages
    - any other concerns

    Posted on 2/8/10 9:03 PM.
    Where permissions APPROVE_PROPOSAL, ASSIGN_REVIEWER, MANAGE_LAYOUT and PUBLISH_STAGING can be assigned to any community roles ? When I'm going to Control Panel > Portal > Roles > "My community role" > Define Permissions I can just add permissions relatives to Portlets.
    Posted on 4/7/10 6:19 PM.

    you have to add permissions to the portlet Enterprise Admin

    'The permissions referenced below refer to those on the Organization resource. See Enterprise Admin » Roles » Some Organization Role » Actions » Define Permissions » Add Portlet Permissions » Enterprise Admin » Organization. '
    Posted on 5/18/10 2:35 AM in reply to Sébastian Le Merdy.
    When I switch on Staging on a community, I see that the properties for web-content , staged portlets, is set to disabled and checkmarked. So the data of the web-content portlet will be staged too. Does that mean I can't use Workflow (kaleo) for web-content anymore?
    Posted on 7/22/10 3:48 AM.