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Speed up development via velocity (Web content Structure + Templates)

One of the best features to speed up development (Velocity ) when working with web content especially Structures and Templates is using WebDav

Just a clue on how to do it:-#

  • Setup webDav as described in this link [Accessing the Document Library with WebDAV|http://www.liferay.com/community/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Accessing+the+Document+Library+with+WebDAV]
  • Create a mapped Drive to structure / template folder of you Liferay setup. (To do this just go to any of the structure / templates , copy the webDAV url, and remove the last parameter (that is the id of the particular structure / template).
  • Open the mapped drive and you'll see the list of structures / templates.
  • Open the one you want to edit in any of the editors you your choice. (Notepad++ works fine for me)
  • Edit structure / velocity code of the template
  • Refresh the page where web content using that particular structure / template is placed and you'll be able to see your changes.
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