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Software Catalog Portlet

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Introduction #

The Software Catalog portlet allows building a catalog of sofware products and make them available to the visitors of the site. For example, it is used at liferay.com to show the Liferay plugins available.

Features #

  • License management
  • Framework management: very useful when the software product runs on top of a give framework such as a portal, an app server, an operating system, ...
  • Ratings
  • Tagging
  • Screenshots
  • Ability to specify a direct download link or a download page (this portlet does not offer the ability to upload software artifacts)
  • Support for allowing users to register their products
  • Support for tracking of product versions
  • Export of Liferay's liferay-plugin-repository.xml for the whole repository or for specific versions of it
  • Integration with Liferay's permission system
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I have been unable to locate the portlet or... Krista M Leopold October 19, 2009 8:38 AM

I have been unable to locate the portlet or page or control panel option or any documentation for where I can actually upload a file? It seems that I can manually put a file on my server and then point to that location, but I want to use a web face for uploads. Surely this is possible? Thank for any guidance!
Posted on 10/19/09 8:38 AM.