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Social Equity Admin

Introduction #

The configure the social equity system in Liferay 6, there is a new entry in the control panel, called Social Equity Admin. This portlet allows the administrator to change the default values that are configured for the different portlets that use the social equity system.

The changes are persisted to the database, but the values are scoped by community, so make sure you change the correct values. The portlets that use the social equity system are automatically listed here, so there is nothing to configure there.

Enabling the service #

The Social Equity service is disabled by default. Administrators can enable it in portal.properties with the following property:


Action Parameters #

For every social equity action that might result in some points rewarded to a certain user or asset there are 2 different set of parameters. It is not mandatory for an action to have values greater than zero in both sets. It is possible that a certain action only rewards participation but it doesn't affect the importance and quality of a certain piece of information (i.e. the asset). The opposite is perfectly viable as well. An administrator can decide that e.g. viewing a wiki page while marks it as more and more informative or popular and thus increases its information equity, it doesn't necessarily mean a great participation in the life of the community and thus might not award any points to the user viewing the above mentioned page.

Information Equity #

The first set is to define the points awarded to an asset's information equity, the time period over which those points decrease to zero and some restrictions that limit the use of this action.

Participation Equity #

The second set determines the points for a user's participation equity and contains settings for the lifespan and restrictions as well.

Restrictions #

Daily limit restricts the use of the action (or rather the awarding of points as a result of the action). Its purpose is to limit the pace users can build their equity scores up. The community benefits more from a user participating in the life of the community for a long time in small portions rather than doing an extensive amount of clicking and voting and posting in a very short time (say within a day).

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i want to develop one social equity small... murali krishna September 19, 2011 10:14 PM

i want to develop one social equity small application how to develop give some idea.. and give code for that..
Posted on 9/19/11 10:14 PM.