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Setting up Liferay on Ubuntu 10.04

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Setting up Liferay on Ubuntu 10.04

1.From the application>accessories>terminal root# type the command add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner" 2.Then type in the command sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk This will install jdk at /usr/lib/jvm location. 3.Install other candidates sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts 4.To setup sun jdk as default type in the below command sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun Installation on my system were like this ; eg: root@ubuntu:/# sudo update-java-alternatives -l java-6-openjdk 1061 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk java-6-sun 63 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun 5.Add the following line to etc/jvm file. If the file is not present create a jvm file and add the following to the top of the file /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun 6.Check the version of the java from command prompt>java -version Other commands : root@ubuntu:/home/localadmin# echo $JAVA_HOME /usr/lib/jvm/sun-6-java root@ubuntu:/home/localadmin# whereis javac javac: /usr/bin/javac /usr/share/man/man1/javac.1.gz

. only can run cmd line jedit

Set JAVA_HOME sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc and add JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun export JAVA_HOME

2. support gui jedit sudo vim /etc/environment and add JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun" 7.Download eclipse from the eclipse website. Extract the eclipse zip and double click on the eclipse autorun icon. 8.Install mysql using the command. sudo apt-get install mysql-server 9.Check if mysql is running properly opt/lib/mysql/bin>mysql -p -u root 10.Set up the lportal database drop database if exists lportal; create database lportal character set utf8; use lportal; create user lportal; set password for 'lportal'@'localhost' = password('lportal');

grant all on lportal. to 'lportal'@'localhost' identified by 'lportal'; Grant all on lportal. to 'lportal'@'localhost.localdomain' identified by 'lportal'

11. Download the bundled liferay and Tomcat and uzip at the location desired. 12.Create new set-env.sh file in bin folder of tomcat. Add the following JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -Duser.timezone=GMT -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m "

13.Create a portal-ext.properties at the liferay root ie besides tomcat folder and license , data and deploy folder. Add the below commands and there you are done

    1. MySql





14.From termnial go to tomcat bin and $ ./startup.bat && tail -f ../logs/catalina.out 15.Done liferay should start at http://localhost:8080/web/guest.


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