Server Administration

The Server Administration tool has been designed to provide a set of tools for System Administrators to manage a Liferay installation.

This article describes how the UI can be used.

Using Server Administration #

Server Administration settings control logs, caching, search indexing, and other advanced features. Advanced administrators can monitor system performance, alter detailed server settings, reindex searches and modify caching. These are the most significant elements of the user administration UI:

Server Status Information #

At the top of the page, the server status information is displayed. This includes:

  • The currently deployed Liferay Version and Service Pack level
  • The current uptime of the server

Toolbar for top level navigation #

Just below the Server Status, there is a toolbar that provides a quick access to main features of Server Administration:

  • Resources → Show current memory usage and provide access to Sever Actions
  • Log Levels → Show current log levels and provide administrators the option to edit log levels for a given category or add a new log category
  • Properties → Provide read only view of the current System Properties and Portal Properties
  • Captcha → Allow administrators to enable ReCaptcha
  • Data Migration → Allow administrators to migrate database, document library, image gallery, or permissions algorithm.
  • File Uploads → Show current file upload properties and provide administrators the option to edit these properties
  • Mail → Provide administrators a way to edit mail server settings
  • External Services → Allow administrators to enable and configure other services
    • ImageMagick → Provide document preview functionality.
    • OpenOffice → Provide document conversion functionality
    • Xuggler: Provide video conversion functionality
  • Script → Allow administrators to run scripts through the script engine
  • Shutdown → Provide administrators with a way to inform users that the system is shutting down.
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