Deploying portal on Resin 4 #

After unzipping Resin 4 (with ant task) and deploying the portal to it, Resin fails to start, due to some

for missing logging jars (slf4j.jar, log4j.jar).

The solution is to manually copy following jars to resin/lib folder:

  • log4j.jar
  • slf4j-api.jar
  • slf4j-log4j12.jar

Note that it doesn't work to copy jars to ext-lib instead.

From recently, above jars are added automatically during the deployment task.

Some issues with Resin 4 #

At the time of writing this section (May, 2011), there are following Resin 4 issues:

Avoid Resin 3 #

Resin 3 does not compile big JSP pages efficiently, so often a compile exception is thrown saying that 'try code block is too large':

code too large for try statement
    try {

For example,the following Control Panel pages can't be used with Resin 3:

  • Document Library
  • Image Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Server Administration
  • Portal Instance
  • Plugins Installations

Also, the same problem may appear on various admin pages, since they might be too large for Resin JSP compiler.

Solution for this issue is, obviously, to split these long pages into smaller chunks:) Unfortunately, it happened that these chunks can't form logical units, so splitting would give too much files that is hard to follow and maintain.

Install Mail session #

Some plugins require mail session to be installed in app server. For Resin add the following to resin.conf

<resource jndi-name="mail/MailSession" type="javax.mail.Session">

Deploying JSF portlets #

Some JSF portlets (like: sample-icefaces-ipc-ajax-push-portlet) can not be deployed on Resin due to following exception:

com.caucho.config.ConfigException: listener-class 'com.sun.faces.application.WebappLifecycleListener' does not implement any web-app listener interface.

This happens since Resin comes with its own JSF implementation: (resin-4.0.26/lib/jsf-mojarra-2.1.3.jar) that is loaded first.

To fix this, just remove the jsf-impl.jar from the deployed portlet or from the portlet war.

Using Resin 4 Professional #

Caucho's Resin 4 wiki has more recently updated information on setting up Liferay on Resin Professional .  The instructions are mostly relevant to Resin Open Source also.

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