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Portal Atom Collections

From version 6.1, Liferay Portal comes with bundled Atom server and provides atom collections for several portal entities. Implementation is based on Apache Abdera, that is functionally-complete, high-performance implementation of the IETF Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) and Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) specifications.

Service document #

For authoring to commence, a client needs to discover the capabilities and locations of the available Collections. Service Documents are designed to support this discovery process. Service document is available at following address:


After user authorization, portals atom server sends back service XML document that contains info about all available atom collections . For example:

URL convention #

URLs for portals Atom collections and collection entries follow simple convention. Each URL starts with the same base:


where 'secure' indicates authorized access. It can be omitted, but then the collection is in read-only mode and, in most cases, additional request parameters has to be provided.

Collections #

Each portal atom collection has an unique name, which becomes part of the URL:


Collection URL returns data about collection entries. More, collection URL is used for creating new entries.

Entries #

Each collection entry has its own ID, unique in collection context. This ID is appended to the URL:


Entry URL is used for all entry operations: view, update and delete.

Media #

Some collections are media-oriented and entries contain enclosed media content (e.g. images). To access media content append  ':media' after the entry-id .


Portal collections #

Available collections in portal are (up to now):

Blogs Atom Collection

Web Content atom collection

Document Library files atom collections

Document Library folders atom collections

More collections will be implemented.

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