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Polls Portlet

The Polls Portlet allows users and administrators to create multiple choice polls that keep track of votes and display results on the page. Many separate polls can be managed; a separate portlet called Polls Display can be configured to display a specific poll’s questions and results.

Features #

  • Create several polls with mutliple choices
  • Automatically creates a graph showing the results
  • Automatic Expiration of the poll
  • Every user can only vote once
  • Fine grained permissions for each Poll

Screenshots #

Customization #

All the look and feel of this portlet can be changed in the theme.

References #

Polls is one of Liferay's Out of The Box Portlets and can be accessed through the Control Panel in the Content section.

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I am looking for more features for Polls... Kshitij Raval July 29, 2011 12:45 AM
why i can't create a questions?? diya laila September 11, 2011 10:31 PM
How many (number) choices can I have for a... Rajeev K October 31, 2011 4:37 AM

I am looking for more features for Polls portlet for my requirement. Is there any OOB Liferay portlet which can be customized for this requirement or any other portlet which can help me?

1. List of active polls where user is yet to cast his vote
2. List of previous poll results. Show last 10 polls. Search old polls.
3. Option to configure anonymous poll
Posted on 7/29/11 12:45 AM.
why i can't create a questions??
Posted on 9/11/11 10:31 PM.
How many (number) choices can I have for a single poll?
Posted on 10/31/11 4:37 AM.