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Navigation Portlet

Introduction #

The navigation portlet shows a menu of pages to navigate to them. Its configuration UI allows selecting different combinations of navigation style. Portlet content is scoped to the present community/org and the specific page it appears on (depending on display style) and cannot be altered. What appears within the portlet is dynamic based on the pages which exist for the site (there does not appear to be anyway to filter the pages displayed). Pages marked as "hidden" are excluded from the list.

Screenshots #

Configuration #

There are several styles to switch in the configuration view.

Display Style

1 looks like breadcrumbs; shows parent page and current page but not siblings
2 current page only?
3 shows parent page and all subpages (siblings). The current page is bold. This seems to be the most valuable normal setting.
4 shows subpages (siblings), no parent
5 ? looks like 4
6 Is a full community/org nav. Shows all pages in tier

Bullet Style

1 ?
2 ?

Usability #

  • As a navigator, placing this portlet "manually" on each of your pages in not very practical. Each page ends up with its own instance. To get the best value from this portlet it needs to be placed in your theme or layout template. See this article for an example: http://www.liferay.com/community/wiki/-/wiki/1071674/Embedding+a+portlet+in+the+theme/maximized

Customization #

Borders can be easily hidden in the look and feel view of the window.

For deeper style customization, the best option is to modify the theme.

We can also modify the Navigation portlet using the Extension Environment to override the files in portal-web/docroot/html/portlet/navigation

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