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Map Portlet

Introduction #

The Map portlet shows the world map location of members of the community or organization that the Map portlet is added to. The Map portlet utilizes Google Maps and MaxMind's GeoIP City Database.

The Map portlet requires the IP Geocoder plugin to be properly configured before use. The Map portlet is a part of the Social Networking plugin in 6.x; in versions prior to 6.x it is a part of the World of Liferay plugin.

Configure #

  1. Deploy the World of Liferay plugin (for 5.2) or the Social Networking plugin (for 6.0) to get the Map portlet.
  2. Configure the IP Geocoder portlet.
  3. Shut down your application server.
  4. Go to /{ROOT}/webapps/{wol-portlet or social-networking-portlet}/WEB-INF/classes/.
  5. Create a porlet-ext.properties file at this location.
  6. Add the property map.google.maps.api.key=(Your API Key) to this file. You will need to generate a Google Maps API Key.
  7. Start your application server.
  8. Deploy the Map portlet.
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