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ERROR [IncludeTag:165] com.liferay.util.EncryptorException: com.liferay.util.EncryptorException: java.lang.NullPointerException

If you guys are using Liferay with Oracle XE + ojdbc14.jar then do the below changes.

Beacause ojdbc14.jar -classes for use with JDK 1.4 and 1.5

and in your Liferay, you are using version of JDK1.6.


The actual problem happens when you switch from one JVM to another. Liferay stores the encryption key algorithm in the company table of the database. Each JVM generally has its own algo implementation and thus when you move from one JVM to another, you will need to do the following to repair:


1) Remember the companyId and accountId of the company table.

2) Delete the rows in the table.

3) Restart the Liferay (it will automatically create a new company when it cannot find the desired one, creating a key that's valid for your new JVM)

4) Shutdown the Liferay

5) Go into the database and set the companyId and accountId fields to the previous values.


Just Replace the ojdbc14 to ojdbc5.jar in your tomcat/lib/ext/

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