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Modules Communication

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The goal of this wiki article is to clarify the communication channels between portal and plugins classes.

In Liferay we have the following packages/entities:

  1. portal-service
  2. portal-kernel
  3. portal-impl
  4. plugins

The way they can interact and communicate is the following:

  1. portal-kernel can be called by the rest of entities (portal-service, portal-impl and plugins)
  2. portal-service can be called by portal-impl and plugins
  3. plugins can be called by other plugins using CLP communication (see this wiki article: CLP plugins communication)

Note: you may call plugins' services from the portal-impl using CLP too, but this is not a recommended way to work.

Here you have a diagram to make it clearer:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This has recently changed for the current Liferay version - 6.0.2. portal-service and portal-kernel have been merged, so that it's much easier now to develop. See http://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-9370 for further information

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Nicely described !!! Tejas Kanani November 8, 2011 3:16 AM

Nicely described !!!
Posted on 11/8/11 3:16 AM.