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This is an article about Liferay Portlets. For more information about general portlets, see About Portlets.

Introduction #

Liferay Portal is not only a portal platform. It also provides a 60+ applications and tools included in the form of portlets. These portlets are available out of the box or in the form of plugins. This page describes the most important of them linking to their specific page if available.

Content Management System #

Web Publishing #

  • Web Content: The main management interface for Liferay’s integrated web publishing system. It allows users to create, edit, and publish articles, as well as article templates for one click changes in layout. It has built in workflow, article versioning, search, and meta-data. Since v5.2 it is only accessible through the Control Panel. Previously it was known as Journal
  • Web Content List: Displays a dynamic list of all Journal articles for a given Community. List can include the top articles by creation date, publication date, title, or other criteria and will automatically update when new articles are added to the CMS.
  • Web Content Display: This portlet can be used to publish any Web Content on a portal page. These portlets comprise most of the content on Liferay.com and other Liferay-driven websites, and can be arranged on a page with the convenient drag and drop feature of Liferay.
  • Web Content Search: Tool to allow end users to search all of the Web Content of a site. Note that it won't search any other content types such as blogs, message board entries, wiki, ...
  • Asset Publisher: Allows users to publish any type of content in your portal as if it were a Web Content. It allows filtering either through a set of publishing rules or by manual selection.
  • Tag Cloud: Allows the user to navigate using tags. Tags are displayed with different sizes depending on the number of times that each tag has been used.
  • Tags Navigation: Allows the user to navigate using tags.
  • Categories Navigation: Allows the user to navigate using categories.

Document and image management #

  • Document Library: Provides document management backed by the Jackrabbit JSR-170 compliant Java content repository. Includes check in / check out, meta data, and versioning. Document file formats may be converted at the time of upload!
  • Document Library Display: Shows an specific folder of the document library
  • Recent Documents: Displays articles most recently accessed from the Document Library.
  • Image Gallery: Manage your images and organize them in folders. The images can also be accessed and uploaded using WebDAV

Web Site Tools #

  • Web Form - a powerful tool to build forms and save the data
  • Breadcrumb: Displays a trail of “parent” pages for the current page. The Breadcrumb Portlet can be placed on public portal pages as a navigational aid when using Liferay to publish websites.
  • Navigation: Provides a directory of links reflecting the portal’s page structure, with drill down into the current page. Style and appearance can be adjusted. Unlike the Breadcrumb Portlet, the Navigation Portlet displays links for other pages outside of the current page’s trail of “parent” pages.
  • Nested Portlets: Users can drag and drop portlets into other portlets, making complex page layouts possible.
  • Site Map: Displays a structured directory of links to all pages in the portal. The Site Map can be used to navigate directly to any page on the site. It can be configured to display the entire site or a sub-section of pages.
  • Page Ratings - Enable users to rate a page from 1 to 5 stars
  • Page Flags - Enable users to flag a page as inappropriate
  • Directory: Allows users to search for other users, organizations or user groups.
  • Software Catalog: Allows building a catalog of sofware products and make them available to the visitors of the site
  • Flash: Publishes a flash file using a URL.
  • Quick note

Collaboration Tools #

  • Blogs – A portlet that includes full WYSIWYG editing capability and publication date, RSS support, threaded user and guest comments, tags and labels, social bookmarking links, email notifications of blog replies, and an entry rating system.
  • Blogs Aggregator – A portlet that grabs blog entries from the entire portal or by specific organizations.
  • Recent Bloggers – A portlet that shows a list of the last users who posted a blog entry.
  • Calendar – A community-based calendar with task lists that allows users to create, manage, and search for events. Events can be shared across communities, and event reminders can be set up to alert users of upcoming events by email, IM, or SMS.
  • Chat – An AJAX Enterprise Instant Messaging client that allows users to automatically chat over Jabber protocol with other logged-in portal users. Chat sessions are persisted across portal pages and as secure as other portal functionality.
  • Mail – A full AJAX-based webmail client that can be configured to interface with many popular IMAP email servers. This portlet allows users to send and check email directly through the portal.
  • Message Boards – A full-featured forums solution with threaded views, categories, RSS capability, avatars, file attachments, previews, dynamic list of recent posts, and forum statistics. Message Boards work with Liferay’s fine-grained permissions to give detailed levels of control to administrators and users.
  • Polls – The Polls Portlet allows users and administrators to create multiple choice polls that keep track of votes and display results on the page. Many separate polls can be managed; a separate portlet can be configured to display a specific poll’s results.
  • Polls Display - Allows users to vote for a specific poll’s question and see the results
  • Wiki : A straightforward Wiki solution with versioning capabilities; categories; Classic Wiki, HTML, or plain text modes; WYSIWYG editing; page history and reversion; and permissions.
  • Wiki Display: Displays a single wiki page.
  • Alerts
  • Annoucements: Displays announcement messages to the portal users.
  • Knowledge Base Displays alert messages to the portal users.
  • Social Equity Admin: This portlet allows the administrator to change the default values that are configured for the different portlets that use the social equity system.
  • Top Users portlet: Is a portlet to promote and praise participation within the portal by showing a list of the most active users based on their Social Equity. The Top Users portlet shows the social equity scores and ranks of users within a community. The ranking is competition style, so don't be surprised to see a ranking such as 1,2,2,4.
  • invitation portlet: this portlet allows a user to invite other users to the current page

Social Networking #

Social Networking Tools #

Social Development Tools #

e-Commerce #

Content and Application integration #

  • Widget Consumer: Allows you to consume widgets from a remote source.
  • Web Proxy portlet: Allows publishing remote websites or applications as a portlet by injecting its HTML into the page.
  • Iframe:
  • WSRP: Allows publishing of remote applications.
  • Web Application Integrator (WAI): It allows deploying any web application as a Liferay plugin and a portlet will be automatically created to access it. by using an smart iframe.
  • XSL Content: Allows publishing remote XML content by applying an XSL style sheet that converts it to HTML. Both the XML content and the XSL file can be referred using an URL. If needed you can upload them to the document library and use the URL it provides.

Mashup Tools #

Other #

Administration #

As of Liferay 5.2+, Administration portlets have been removed and instead there is now a Control Panel.

Content Administration #

  • Tags Administration - Allows to manage all the tags in your organization/community (Add new tags, edit existing tags, merge several tags into one...)
  • Categories Administration: Allows to manage the vocabularies and categories of your community.

Portal Administration #

Server Administration #

  • Server Administration: Shows Liferay Portal version information, logging information, current live sessions, ... and allows performing administration tasks such as reindexing, clearing caches, ...
  • Plugins installation: Shows a list of the plugins installed and allows installing new ones.

Workflow #

  • My Submissions: Allows the user to see the status of his submissions.
  • My Workflow Tasks: Allows the users with the appropriate permissions to manage his workflow tasks.
  • Workflow Configuration: Allows the community administrator to configure which workflow definition will apply to each community's entity.
  • Workflow Portlet: Allows the control of the workflow system for the whole portal

3rd-Party Portlets #

Besides these portlets, there are many other portlets available as plugins. Be sure to search for them in:

Additional Portlet Resources #

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