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Liferay IDE 1.4 Release

Previous Liferay IDE 1.3 New and Noteworthy #

  • Eclipse Indigo support
  • Remote Liferay Server support for deployment, debugging, etc.
  • New Service Builder Editor
  • Vaadin projects now supported for 6.0.x SDKs
  • Required deployment context support

New features in 1.4 #

Liferay 6.1 (Tomcat 7) Server #

A new server and runtime adapter has been added which supports launching Liferay v6.1 on Tomcat 7, which is now the new default for the Liferay Portal 6.1 nightly bundle.

Portlet Config Editor #

A new default editor for portlet.xml files has been added and made the default for the 1.4 release. This Portlet configuration editor has many advanced editing features for editing portlet.xml files

  • Quick add shortcut for adding new config elements
  • Easy navigation to parts of Portlet config hierarchy
  • Computed possible values for various properties are available using "browse" action
  • Validation across all XML elements to make sure the file is internally consistent
  • Validation and Generation of Resource Bundles
  • Validation and Generation of Java classes for portlets, filters, listeners etc.,
  • and many more...

If you enjoy using this editor, be sure to drop Kamesh Sampath a note, he is the creator of the new editor, many thanks Kamesh!

Many of the values in the portlet.xml file are derived from values specified in other parts of the same file, the new editor gives you these options in a browse-able list to select from.

In the outline view there is a search field that you can use for quick navigation to existing elements.

New... quick action menu is available for creating common elements.

Validation of many elements that hook into the project model are available.

Resource Bundle Validations #

Allows the validation of resource bundles associated with the Portlet based on the locales.

You can click on the generate method beside the Resource Bundle Text field to generate the resource bundles both for default locale and other supported locales for the Portlet. 

The generated resource bundles will have default Portlet info populated.

Classes generation #

The editor also supports generation Java classes for the supported fields. 

You can on the generate method beside the text field of the class to generate the class, implementing the corresponding interfaces or classes

Other improvements #

  • Support has been added for Eclipse Indigo SR1 release.
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Really Nice Features... Any New Fetaures for... DarshanKumar N Bhatia June 17, 2012 9:57 PM
Spring based portlet support is coming in... Gregory Amerson July 16, 2012 11:44 PM

Really Nice Features...
Any New Fetaures for Spring Based Portlet ??
Posted on 6/17/12 9:57 PM.
Spring based portlet support is coming in version 2.0 of IDE. Thanks for asking!
Posted on 7/16/12 11:44 PM in reply to DarshanKumar N Bhatia.