Liferay Community University Video Topics

Many of us are comfortable with Liferay technology and remember what it was like when we were not so familiar with it. There are many more community members who are struggling with basic Liferay concepts, or have been assigned to an existing Liferay project and want to quickly get up to speed, and even more on the way that are coming from varied backgrounds and with varied levels of expertise on Liferay and related technologies, that need better guidance on how best to get started and progress through their career using Liferay to solve their problems.

With this in mind, we in the community are setting out to create a series of learning tutorials to aid in understanding how to better use Liferay.  One of the best ways to learn is by example, and therefore the following series of videos are being produced and organized into a curriculum of learning, driven by and produced for our community of users.

This wiki page serves to organize the efforts of community members when producing vidoes on specific topics.  The list of topics may change over time.

See the forum thread for more details.

If you are interested in creating one of these videos, please add your name to the "Presenter" column so that everyone will know who is working on what.

Video Creation Guide #

We have this guide to use, which has instructions on how to create the video, requirements, and submission procedures.  Please give it a read before beginning your creation.

Topics #

Using Liferay Sites #

Topic Presenter
Getting Started with Liferay Portal UI (Dockbar, using Control Panel, etc)James Falkner
Managing your accountJames Falkner
Using Discussion Boards
Using the Wiki
Finding and Connecting with your Friends
Finding other sites and content of interest

Creating Sites #

Intro to Portal Structure (Users, Roles, User Groups, Teams, Orgs, Sites, etc)
Creating pages on your site and adding/removing portletsDrew B.
Intro to Web Content Structures, Templates, Articles
Typical Site Structures (pages, layouts, sites, organizations, themes, etc)
Integration with external social networking sites (Facebook, etc)
Creating Sites Using Dynamic Site and Page Templates
Making Site Announcements

Web Publishing #

Intro to Liferay Web Content
WYSIWYG Web Content Creation Tips
Categorizing content using Vocabularies, Categories, and Tags
Publishing web content to pages and sites
Adding other components (portlets, images, banners) to pages
Creating Internationalized Content
Using Documents and Media Gallery
Using Asset Publisher
Liferay SEO Concepts

Plugin Development #

Plugin Architecture and how plugins interact with other plugins, and Liferay core
Intro to Portlets (incl. diff types, MVC, JSF, Vaadin, etc)
Intro to Scripting Portlets
Intro to ThemesMaarten van Heiningen
Converting HTML+CSS+JS templates to Liferay ThemesWasim S
Integration of custom portlets with Liferay Permissioning

Admin #

Basic Installation and Database ConfigurationPaul Hinz
Anatomy of a Liferay Installation - what files go where
Liferay Permissions (including how to set via UI)
Backing up Liferay
Integrating with external authentication

Intermediate Development #

Basic Java Skills for Liferay Developers
Developing with Liferay IDE
Using Service Builder
Using the Scheduler
Role-based Content Delivery
Intro to Alloy UI
Liferay API Patterns

Misc. #

Participation in Liferay Open Source CommunityJames Falkner
CE vs. EE
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