Known Upgrade Issues to 6.2 Release Candidates

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This page page is a work in progress. If you are an early adopter helping test Release Candidates and you find issues, feel free to add them hear in a way that will help others.

If you haven't done so yet, start by reading the Liferay 6.2 CE Beta Program Guide: Upgrade Testing announcement.

General #

  • As with any upgrade, make sure your database

Portlets #

  • If your portlets used Alloy UI 1 you need to update to Alloy UI 2 (or add a dependency to Alloy UI 1 manually)
  • If your portlets used any of the portal CSS classes you will need to update them since they have been changed to follow the bootstrap examples. To make this task easier we have developed an AUI Upgrade Tool that will do most of the work automatically. This tool may be later integrated with Liferay IDE.
  • If you used the Journal services you may need to update them to use the DDM services instead.
  • If your portlets used the Calendar API, that will not work any more. The old core portlet has been replaced with a fully revamped portlet that is not available as a plugin. You will need to evaluate that portlet and check whether your customizations are still needed. If so, use the plugin extension mechanisms to reimplement them.

Themes #

  • Themes need to be updated to the new bootstrap-based infrastructure (Documentation is on the way)
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