Jikes is an open source compiler for the Java language that was originally distributed by IBM. Liferay versions 4.3.x and earlier used Jikes instead of Sun's javac as its default compiler because it tends to generate more efficient bytecode. Liferay changed this use as of version 4.4.0 of the portal.

As of Liferay version 5.0, JDK 5.0+ is required. If you are using Jikes, please see notes below discussing JDK 5.0.

Jikes and JDK 5.0+ #

You must make sure you use the appropriate version of Jikes with the JDK you have installed:

JDK Version Jikes Version
1.4-1.4.2 1.21
5.0-6.0 1.22

Using Sun's Compiler #

Jikes is of course optional. If you decide to use Sun's compiler:

  1. Create file build.{user name}.properties file, where {user name} is your system login name. Place it in the same directory as your build.properties file.
  2. Add a line into your build.{user name}.properties:

Liferay v4.4+ #

As of Liferay version 4.4.0, the default compiler configured is "modern" -- that is Sun's compiler. IBM has abandoned efforts on Jikes and later versions of Liferay will require the use of functionality that is not supported by Jikes.

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