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Installing 5.2EE SP4 on Tomcat 5.5

Disclaimer #

This has only been tested on Windows. The author used Tomcat 5.5.30.

These instructions are based on the personal experience of a community member. They are left here since they might be useful to some people, but for official and detailed instructions on how to install Liferay read the official "Liferay Administrators Guide" available in the documentation page.

Installing Liferay from WAR #

Installing Tomcat is assumed. If not, you'll need to reference the documents on the Apache Tomcat website for assistance with that step, as it is outside the scope of this document.

Make sure your Tomcat installation starts and runs before continuing.

Procedure #

Install the Liferay Dependencies bundle in your Tomcat installation first. Do this by copying the files into the $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib directory. It should be noted that Tomcat requires 2 extra files:

  • jta.jar
  • mail.jar

Be sure to include those 2 files in the $tomcat/common/lib directory in addition to the Liferay Dependencies.

To install the WAR file, go to your TOMCAT MANANGER and upload the WAR file. NOTE: The TOMCAT MANAGER is not part of the default TOMCAT package any more. You will need to install that separately.

In case you don't have the TOMCAT MANAGER installed (part of tomcat) then you will need to unpack it manually. You can find more information here on ways to do that. One way to do this is to stop and restart Tomcat to unpack the WAR.

A third way is to use an archiver, such as 7-Zip, open the .war file. This way, you won't have to extract anything.

Once that is done, you will need to perform the following changes:

  1. Delete all files under TOMCAT_HOME\webapps\ROOT, then copy all of the files from the Liferay WAR to that directory.
  2. Add the code "set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m" in the "catalina.bat" located in the $TOMCAT_HOME/bin directory. This line of code will prevent Java memory issues.

It should be noted that the associated Tomcat 5.5 bundle has a directory called "/Catalina/localhost" and file called ROOT.xml in the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf directory. It was found that the author was able to successfully startup Liferay without the directory and .xml file.

Finally, to startup Tomcat, execute "startup.bat"

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