How to install an OpenXava application on Liferay


This guide is for installing an already developed OpenXava application on Liferay portal.

OpenXava allows to define business applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations. OpenXava applications can be installed in a Liferay portal.

Creating the portlet application

Hereon we assume that you build your own application with name SalesApp. Inside Eclipse go to the file build.xml in the project folder and execute the ant target generatePortlets. After it you will have a file SalesApp.war in openxava/workspace.dist/SalesApp.dist folder. This war is a portlet application ready to deploy.

Deploying the application

This guide uses OpenXava 4.7.1 and Liferay 6.1. But, you can use this guide also with any distribution of Liferay 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4, only that in this case you need to follow some simple setup steps before.

You must copy the resource element out of openxava/tomcat/conf/context.xml. Insert the resource element into the contect.xml file of Liferay's tomcat located in liferay/tomcat-7.0.27/conf folder.

Because OpenXava 4.7.1 and Liferay 6.1 use a different version of the Hypersonic database, you have to start your Hypersonic database using the jar included in Liferay. You can do this for instance by creating a new version of openxava/tomcat/bin/start-manager-hsqldb. Replace the hsqldb.jar reference by a reference to Liferay/tomcat-7.0.27/lib/ext/hsql.jar. Note that you then also need a recent version of a database viewer to view the database: For instance double click Liferay/tomcat-7.0.27/lib/ext/hsql.jar to view the database.

Launch your database.

Create your database schema. For instance from within Eclipse by running build.xml for the target updateSchema.

Launch Liferay by launching Liferay/tomcat-7.0.27/bin/startup.bat. You will be guided automatically to the main web page of Liferay. Sign in as an administrator. Click Add/more as shown below.


 Then your portlet will appear in the list, as below. Click Add and youre’done.





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How to install an OpenXava application on... Sravani M December 2, 2010 2:47 AM

How to install an OpenXava application on Liferay......?

If i am follow the instructions given the liferay , but i am unable to integrate the liferay with openxava.

I will follow the instruction of the following links as follows­ava+application+on+Liferay

If any body integrate liferay with Openxava , Please Guide me the Detailed steps to integrate liferay with Openxava .
Posted on 12/2/10 2:47 AM.