Global Scope

Introduction #

The Global Scope is a place for data that is common to all organization, communities and users of the portal. The Global Scope does not have associated pages and can only be accessed from the control panel.

The Global Scope was introduced in Liferay 6.

Use Cases #

This is a list of the most common use cases for the Global Repository

1 - Shared Web Content templates and structures #

After creating a template or a structure in the global scope you can select them in all the other scopes (organizations and communities) of your company.

To achieve this you just have to click on "advanced search" in the popup that appears when you select a template or a structure and select "Global" in the "My Places" dropdown menu.

2 - Shared contents of any type for the Asset Publisher #

You can configure the asset publisher so that it shows assets from the global scope. This way you can publish any of the supported asset types including the following:

  • web content
  • images
  • blog entries
  • documents
  • bookmarks
  • wiki pages
  • calendar events

3 - Common asset categories #

Any categories vocabulary will be shown as an option when a user is selecting a category for all asset types in all organizations and communities.

Administration #

The Global content repository can only be administered by users with the "Administrator" role.

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It's possible create new scopes ? Andres Vasquez February 22, 2011 12:52 PM
Global scope is a great addition, however I... Ken Sperow April 25, 2011 12:04 PM
In case you have some information centralized... Eduardo P García May 5, 2011 3:39 AM
Is there a way to move the web content from the... Naidu Jitta April 3, 2012 9:50 AM

It's possible create new scopes ?
Posted on 2/22/11 12:52 PM.
Global scope is a great addition, however I can't seem to see "global" bookmarks and categories within communities. I using 6.06GA and have a couple observations/questions:

1) If you create bookmarks within the global scope should they appear within communities (assuming you have given the correct roles permission to see the bookmark)? I assumed that if you created a bookmark within the global scope it would appear in all communities. I also tried using the Asset Publisher to publish the global bookmark to the community but that does not appear to work as I would desire. I have configured the asset publisher to see everything from the global scope, but don't see a way to publish the bookmark to the community.

2) Should global categories be displayed within the category navigation portlet within communities? They do for the administrator that created the global categories, but not other community members (I have made sure that Guest and Community Member roles have "View" permission on the category).

Posted on 4/25/11 12:04 PM.
In case you have some information centralized on the Global Scope (e.g. Structures, Templates, Common Contents) and you use them at one page of an staged-community, how does the Staging System handle it?

There is no Page option in the Global Scope, so one cannot set the Staging for it. Could the Staging on a normal Community to the Live Environment force the Staging of the Global Scope?
Posted on 5/5/11 3:39 AM.
Is there a way to move the web content from the site scope to global scope?
Posted on 4/3/12 9:50 AM.