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Enable Portlet Rating Feature

Introduction #

Ranking a page or portlet can be used to measure popularity. Liferay provides a page rating portlet, this can be added to any application via "Add Application".

Adding a ranking to a portlet can be done with liferay:ui tags. Liferay provides a way of extending a portlet capabilities via ui tags.

Incorporate Ranking in a Portlet #

To do this, you need to incorporate a UI tag into the portlet, to enable ranking. You need the className and primaryKey of any object to associate it with comments and/or ranks and you need to add the struts action path as well. Basically liferay-ui:ratings looks like this:


className="<%= yourportlet.class.getName() %>"
classPK="<%= yourportlet.getResourcePrimKey() %>"
url='<%= themeDisplay.getPathMain() + "/relativepathtoaction" %>'

className="<%= WikiPage.class.getName() %>"
classPK="<%= wikiPage.getResourcePrimKey() %>"
url='<%= themeDisplay.getPathMain() + "/wiki/rate_wiki" %>'

Procedure #

Here is the simplified procedure.

  • Add className - your portlet className
  • Add classprimarykey

Finding your class primary key #

Your portlet class primary key can be found by using request object.


JournalArticleDisplay articleDisplay = (JournalArticleDisplay)request.getAttribute(WebKeys.JOURNAL_ARTICLE_DISPLAY);

  • Add struts action path

add struts action path to your stuts-config.xml, ideally instead adding your entry to struts-config.xml, it should be added to struts-config-ext.xml. it is in the location of


It should be included within the <action mapping> tags, after adding your struts action path your struts-config-ext.xml may look like following,

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE struts-config PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.2//EN" "http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/dtds/struts-config_1_2.dtd">


		<!-- Reports -->

		<action path="/ext/reports/view_reports" type="com.ext.portlet.reports.action.ViewReportsAction">
			<forward name="portlet.ext.reports.view" path="portlet.ext.reports.view" />
			<forward name="portlet.ext.reports.view_reports" path="portlet.ext.reports.view_reports" />
**<action path="/wiki/rate_wiki" type="com.liferay.portlet.ratings.action.RateEntryAction" /> **

look for the bolded lines within the <action mapping> tag

Thats all, you should be able to use ratings in your any portlet from now!

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