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Document Library Display

Introduction #

Document Library Display Portlet shows a specific folder of the document library. It looks and works like the document library portlet, but it does not contain any actions or other modification features. The main idea of this portlet is to function as a read-only view for a selected document library.

Features #

Viewing folders and files in a document library. No modification features.

Configuration #

Configuration is pretty much the same as for the document library portlet.

The configuration of the document library portlet consists of four different parts: setup, permission, export / import and sharing. Some of them are exactly the same as for other portlets, so they will not be covered in this article. However, setup configuration is document library display portlet specific.

Setup #

Setup contains three categories: Folders Listing, Documents Listing and Ratings. Folders Listing has setting for the Root Folder, which will be used as a starting point for the document library. You can choose the root folder to use. Then you can select whether or not to show breadcrumbs, search and subfolders. “Folders for Page” determines the number of folders to show on one page. You can also select which columns are shown.

Document Listing has configuration for documents contained in folders. You can choose whether or not to show the search bar and how many documents to list on a one page. It is also possible to setup which columns to show for documents. Current list contains the columns that are currently shown and available list contains the columns that are still available.

In Ratings configuration you can turn on and off comment ratings.

Screenshots #

References #

Document Library is one of Liferay's Out of The Box Portlets.

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