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Introduction #

The dockbar is a bar of tools and menus that it's shown at the top of every page in a Liferay portal to every user that is logged in. It was introduced in Liferay 6 as a way to make the most common administration operations readily accessible.

Dockbar #

The main areas of the dockbar are:

  • "Add" menu: Allows adding new pages and portlets to the current page. It's only visible if the user has the permissions to do those operations.
  • "Manage" menu: Allows managing the current page and site, as well as going to the Control Panel.
  • Toggle edit controls checkbox: Toggle whether the controls to manage the page are shown or hidden (to simulate what a non-administrator user would see)
  • "Go to" menu: Allows going to the pages of any of the communities or organizations that the user belongs to, as well as to his/her own private or public pages if he/she has any
  • User name: Shows the name of the current user and allows him to log out or go to his profile. When an administration is impersonating another user the user name becomes a menu that allows him to perform several operations related to impersonation such as switch between his preferred language and that of the impersonated user.

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I find an issue that the 'Manage' menu is... J B November 1, 2011 8:05 AM

I find an issue that the 'Manage' menu is listed for control panel (it confuses people into thinking they can manage the page). Also I see 'toggle edit' for basic non power users.
This will cause confusion for users that have no admin / mange powers on the platform.
And 3rdly, 'Go to' is always shown, even when a power user has their 'public/private' pages disabled...
Posted on 11/1/11 8:05 AM.