DevCon2013 Session Notes - Versioning & Compatibility

Attendees #

James Falkner

  • Jens Meinecke - Indepndent IT consultant - big problems is upgrading/migrating
  • Janus Tumpelis - Latvia - DB schema changes
  • Ahmed Heba Tul Baseet - Independent IT consultant

Rob Zondag - EU Space Agency - migrating and upgrading to 6.2 - new calendar - configuration control and visibility from control panel of versions of portlets/plugins/etc.

Milen Dyankov - Sr. consultant - upgrades

  • Corne Aussems - Technical Liferay Consultant
  • Angelos Varvitsiotis

Discussion #

No patch visibility CP

proper DB deprecation should be done - should be placed in documentation (need to file a bug)

Upgrade process must be consistent for mysql, sql server, oracle, etc. Hardest part of upgrade is the logic associated with the data (e.g. permission algo), not the database itself.

We should give full upgrade scripts for the mostly-used databases (e.g. MySQL, etc)

semantic versioning - LR wants to start doing it (follow-up: see Ray's blog)

not everyone is so good at breaking APIs - sometimes we just do it because of client pressure, etc.

question: version 5.2 -> 6.1/6.2 - is this a major change? Answer: YES. In fact up to this point most new releases, even 0.X.0 releases, represent major change/

One good practice is to separate portlet/app data from portal data (e.g. not use SB) - there are benefits and drawbacks.

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