DevCon2013 Session Notes - Encouraging Liferay Open Source Contributions

Attendees #

James Falkner - Liferay Community Manager

Jens Meinecke

Sam Dils - Redtree - Belgium - Customers don't let us contribute open source developed for them - some companies aren't too open to do thtat

Jeroen - Redtree - LR Tech Lead - Redtree - Active in Fedora

Philip - Redtree

Andrew - from CZ - here to hear something about open source, how you look on this - also interested in partnership with Liferay.

Corne Aussems - Componence

Notes #

Redtree - uses Alfresco, Ephesoft, Magnolia CMS, OpenCMS

Redtree - big on open source

Redtree Elevation Troopers - encourages open source community by dedicating employee hours to open source participation. This has worked well.

Jens - where can I get time to contribute?? That is a big problem for me.

Another way to encourage: an on-ramp/learning path.

Banking field - likes open source - because they want a way out in case of disaster.

Overall: it is hard to convince companies to "allow" open source participation when they are by default against it. Employees are supposed to work on it as "side projects" off the clock, and not contribute company IP.

Note: this same topic was discussed at a previous unconference earlier this year and shares many of the same discussions and outcomes (notes).

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