DevCon2013 Session Notes - Gamification - Hype or Awesome

Notes #

Do customers really want it? You can't guarantee quality - sometimes you sacrifice - gamification is a means to a goal - should not be the END goal.

Context-sensitive gamifications: e.g. VLC beginniner/intermediate/advanced

E-Learning is a great place for gamification.

Social Media Teams for telecoms - self-monitoring -

Redtree uses social equity OOTB Liferay

Benefit/Motivation: Recognition by peers

Physics dept gamification: if you have a bad test score, you can only ask simple questions and answer simple questions. teacher can also promote.

small bank in georgia - innovative with gamification. There was a gamification strategy in effect (as it was used to attract new clients), and other for loyalty.

problem: you tend to not make others as enthusiastic as others. you need a balance between game and obtaining your goal.

make it easier/accessible

Maarten/Sander Bilo - Volunteered for gamification (yay!)

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