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Cross-Browser Development

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Almost all development on Liferay will be viewed by users of a variety of browsers. What tools are available to help make that job easier?

Firefox #

  • Use the following Firefox add-ons

Internet Explorer #

Safari #

  • Now available for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Enable debug menu. In Terminal application, type defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeDebugMenu 1 and restart Safari. With the release of Safari 3.0, if the debug menu is enabled, you will be given a new option to open a Web Inspector, a new powerful debugging tool developed by Apple:550px
  • Use Drosera, Apple's open source javascript debugger
  • Find other useful extensions at Pimp My Safari.

General Tools #

  • If you are not using Firefox but want the Web Developer tools, you can find the javascripts leveraged by the toolbar provided by the author: https://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/webdevel.html
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