Continuous Integration Server for Developers

Intro #

In addition to the testing infrastructure described in Liferay Testing Infrastructure we have a continuous integration server, based on Jenkins, for developers.

Basic info #

The server is accesible in the url (click here). The username and the password are provided in the document Liferay Product Engineering Process

How it works? #

At the time of this writing the server perform the next steps:

  • Every 15 minutes it checks for new commits in liferay/liferay-portal/master (Liferay Github)
  • If the previous step detects that new commits are present since the last build, pull of all them to the local git repo.
  • Clean all the repo and compile it again (ant clean all). JSPs precompile is done.
  • Once the previous step has finished the server executes all the tests (integration and unit): ant test-integration test-unit
  • All the results are collected and published in a graph.

If everything is fine (all the test are passed) the build will have a green ball. If some test has failed the green will be yellow. If something is wrong (compile problem is the most common use case) the ball will be red.

Should I skip the emails from Jenkins? #

No. You should receive a mail if the build which brokes the process includes some of your commits. You can receive two different kind of emails, depending on the history of the job:

If the build has failed you should receive an email with something very similar to this:

Failed build

If the build keeps failing you could receive an email with something close to this:

Keep failing build

In both cases you can find if your commit has broken the build.

Next steps? #

At the time of this writing the tests (integration) are executed against MySQL and there is a job (which right now is no sending notifications) running against PostgresSQL.

In addition to the testing process the CI servers deploys, every Sunday, the latest succesfull build, in

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