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Community Verifier Contributors

As part of the Community Verifier program, members can optionally participate in a program designed to close the gap between making a contribution and actually getting the contribution into the Liferay codebase. This program will educate community developers, including community verifiers, on how contributions are taken into the codebase, using the resources that contributors and community verifiers are comfortable with.

Instructions #

Choose a ticket to work from the list of outstanding contributions, and read the Contribution Processing for Community Verifiers page to understand the process. As you make progress or find people to help, you can use this page to track which items you are working on and their state. Update as frequently as you wish! Once you claim a contribution, it is yours until you remove your name (or get the contribution into the source!).

Current Contributors #

LPS-14248James FalknerResolvedDuplicate of fixed bug in 6.1
LPS-29263James FalknerInvestigatingWorking with John (original submitter) and Juan to resolve.
LPS-8052Drew BlessingResolvedUnable to reproduce issue in 6.1.1 GA2. Reporter verified that the issue is no longer pertinent in 6.1.
LPS-6198Drew BlessingInvestigatingNeed to see if issue still exists in 6.1. If so, work with Peter and Nate to resolve.
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