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Community Roles

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Introduction #

Community Roles is a new feature available since Liferay Portal 4.3 that allows portal administrators to delegate permissions effectively in scenarios where lots of community are created and administered independently.

The main difference of Community Roles with Regular Roles is that while the latter are assigned to the whole portal, the former are assigned to a community. That means that a user can be a "Community Owner" of one community, a "Community Administrator" in another, etc.

Default community roles #

Liferay Portal provides three default community roles that cannot be deleted or modified. They are:

  • Community Owner: this role is automatically given to the creator of a community and gives him total control over the community management including website configuration and content management.
  • Community Administrator: users with this role can administer the community but cannot assign new users or edit existing one. They can create new content in the community portlets but they cannot manage the content created by others.
  • Community Member: It's a role that is automatically given to users when they are assigned to a community. It does not give any special right by default but can be edited by the portal administrator to add privileges that might be desirable in certain situations.

Creation and definition of community roles #

Besides the community roles provided by default, portal administrators can also create and define custom community roles. The steps to do this are:

  1. Go to the 'Roles' tab in the Enterprise Admin portlet
  2. Click on 'Create Role'
  3. Enter the name of the role and select 'Community' in the type field select box
  4. Click 'Create'. The role will be created
  5. To define the role click the 'Define Permissions' icon. A list of current permissions will be shown
  6. Click the 'Add permission' button as many times as desired to add new permissions. The scope of all selected permissions will be the community to which the role is assigned.

Assignment of community roles #

To assign a community role use the communities portlet and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Assign Members' icon
  2. If the user is not yet a member associate it to the community using the 'Available' tab. Once it's done go back to the 'Current' tab
  3. The list of users in the community will be shown providing information about the assigned roles. To change the assignments click the 'Assign user roles' icon
  4. Select or deselect the check boxes for each role as desired and click 'Update Associations'
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