Community Contributor Hall of Fame

Introduction #

Liferay and its associated releases (Portal, Social Office, Sync, etc) have been produced through the efforts of many individuals in the Liferay Community. Improvements, bug fixes, documentation, translations, and many other contributions go into each release, and those individuals have spent their time and effort in doing so.

If you have contributed to Liferay and its releases, please add your name and a brief description of your contributions below! This list will be maintained going forward, and used to recognize those individuals who have donated their energy and resources to the betterment of Liferay.

How to add your information #

Take a look at the existing entries to get an idea of the possibilities. You should add your real name (or perhaps just your initials if you wish), and a description of your contributions to Liferay! Note that contributions aren't just code, but include many others, such as:

  • Bug Reports
  • Patches for community members
  • Documentation
  • Helpful Wiki content
  • Translations
  • Feature implementations or improvements
  • Participation in things like BugSquad and other community programs
  • Testing efforts
  • Idea Generation

Feel free to include relevant links (e.g. links to your profile on, tickets you've worked on, or other pointers relevant to your contribution). Also, if you wish to include your profile picture, visit your profile, get the img_id from the URL of your profile picture, and use it to form a URL like the first few example entries in this table (maintaining the &width=40 size so that all of the images are consistently sized).

Finally, be sure not to delete existing entries. Simply add a new line (most likely by copying the previous line) and changing the content.

Hall of Fame #

  • Prashant Dighe - Reported several bugs related to Web Content and Calendar.
  • Sampsa Sohlman - Writing bugs, partcipating Bug squad and Community Verifiers, Finnish Translation lead with most of translations at 2012, participating forums discussions. Writing blogs about Liferay
  • Juan Gonzalez - Contributing some code (Video/Audio preview, importing picture from LDAP). Participating in forums. Community programs: 100 PaperCuts, BugSquad, Community Verifier, Community Leadership, Community Security Team. Community Contributor of the Year 2012.
  • Tejas Kanani - Reporting bugs, Actively participating in forums and also got Contributor Award from Liferay. Also participating in Liferay BugSquad. Sharing knowledge & solutions by writing down some useful blogs about Liferay on opensourceforlife.
  • Jignesh Vachhani - Sharing knowledge and Actively participating in Liferay forum as well as contributing many useful solutions with Liferay solutions blog as I own this blog and also sharing many useful stuffs within social media like FB Group(Owner of Liferay solution group which has more than 168 members),LinkedIn and twitter. I am also member of Liferay BugSquad.
  • Gnaniyar Zubair - Participating in Forums and wiki and also contributed some useful Community Plugins and writting blogs.
  • Dave Nebinger - Participating in Forums and Wiki, BugSquad member, and idea contributor. Also Community Contributor of the Year, 2012.
  • Prakash Khanchandani - Actively Participating in Forums, Wikis and also helping liferay developers on StackOverflow. Reported bugs for CE as well as EE. Also got Community Contributor Award for 2012.
  • Gaurav Jain - Participating in Forums, Bugsquad member, Community Verifier Team Member, Writing blogs on liferay ItsLiferay.
  • Drew Blessing - Involved in Community Verifiers for 6.1, BugSquad, received Liferay Community Contributor Award February 2012 and actively help others on IRC.
  • Scott P - Bug Reports, BugSquad, Active forum participant, Feature requests and Implementation advice.
  • Dennis Greiffenberg - Writing Bug Reports, being member of the BugSquad-team, active forum participant, contributor to the german translation.
  • Davide Rossi Italian translation leader, contributor. Member of the BugSquad team.
  • Denis Signoretto Italian translation leader, contributor. Bug Reporting.
  • Wieteke den Uijl - LNLUG Founder, Member of the BugSquad, Dutch translations
  • Corné Aussems - LNLUG Founder, Liferay Legend, Dutch translation Leader, 100 PaperCuts, BugSquad, Community Verifier, Community Leadership.
  • Brendan Johan Lee - Norwegian Translation Lead, Active part in LNUG, Liferay Community Excellence Partner award 2012, Holds annual guest lecture about Liferay at the University of Oslo
  • Dhrutika Vyas

- Participating in Liferay Forums to help others community members.

- Slovak Translation Lead.

- Hungarian Translation Lead.

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