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Commonly Used Portal Properties

Introduction #

This page shows and links to some portal properties that are commonly used to configure Liferay installs. Please add properties that are only widely used to this page, and leave a good description so that people can understand what the property does. Also leave a version number next to the property that it was used with.

How to Use #

Portal properties can be set by creating a file called portal-ext.properties in your Liferay installation. For the tomcat bundle, you need to create it in:

 {install directory}/liferay-{version}/tomcat-{version}/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/portal-ext.properties 

Common Properties #

User Specified Password #

  • Allows the user to specify a password at signup
  • Versions: 5.2.x, 6.0.x


Recaptcha #

  • Allows user to easily enable recaptcha
  • Versions 5.2.x, 6.0.x
  • See Recaptcha for the properties


  • Allows user to enable MySQL Database
  • Versions 5.0+
jdbc.default.username=YOUR USERNAME HERE
jdbc.default.password=YOUR PASSWORD HERE
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