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Breadcrumb Portlet

Introduction #

Displays a trail of “parent” pages for the current page. The Breadcrumb Portlet can be placed on public portal pages as a navigational aid when using Liferay to publish websites.

Screenshots #

Customization #

There are several styles to switch in the configuration view. Borders can be easily hidden in the look and feel view of the window.

For deeper style customization, the best option is to modify the theme.

We can also modify the Breadcrumb using the Extension Environment. The breadcrumb is built using a tag library (taglib) which is also used in other parts of the portal (message boards, organization administration...). Therefore, it should be noted that changing the taglib will modify the breadcrumb in the entire portal.

The files for modifying this taglib can be found in portal-web/docroot/html/taglib/ui/breadcrumb

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How can I make simple changes in existing... Pradip A Bhatt March 3, 2014 5:18 AM

How can I make simple changes in existing breadcrumb portlet.
Suppose there is method in which we can add breadcrumb content.
e.g :
PortalUtil.addPortletBreadcrumbEntry(request, "=>"+userGroupInfo.getDisplayName()+"<=", "http://localhost:8080/group/myOrganizatiopn/groups?groupid="+userGroupInfo.getU­serGroupId());

How Can I appned my new breadcrumb content in this existing content ?? other thing how can I remove breadcrumb content part (not whole) simple ??
Posted on 3/3/14 5:18 AM.