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Blogs Aggregator Portlet

Introduction #

This page describes the blogs aggregator portlet. This is a portlet that grabs blog entries from the entire portal or by specific organizations.

Features #

  • Exports RSS
  • Specify which blogs should be aggregated

Screenshots #

Customization #

All the look and feel of this portlet can be changed in the theme. The configuration view of this portlet allows us to change the default behaviour of this portlet:

  • Number of maximun messages shown
  • Allow the users to subscribe using RSS
  • Aggregate blogs posts regarding users/scopes
  • Aggregate blogs from only specific organizations

References #

Blogs Aggregator is one of Liferay's Out of The Box Portlets

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This portlet would have been very valuable if... Alex W. August 27, 2010 3:48 AM
yep, same opinion! and its 2 years later, but... Robert Kornmesser September 10, 2012 4:09 AM

This portlet would have been very valuable if it had a more sophisticatd method for selecting the wanted blogs to be aggregated. I'd suggest to do this by selection of communities or persons, not only by Organizations. Additionally there should be a filter for tags.
Posted on 8/27/10 3:48 AM.
yep, same opinion! and its 2 years later, but nobody felt reasonable... emoticon
Posted on 9/10/12 4:09 AM in reply to Alex W..