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Amazon Rankings Portlet


Amazon Web Services#

Before using Amazon Rankings Portlet, you must setup your Amazon Web Services key.

In portal.properties, here's the location to add your Amazon license key:

 ## Amazon License Keys
    # Enter a list of valid Amazon license keys. Configure additional keys by
    # incrementing the last number. The keys are used following a Round-Robin
    # algorithm. This is made available only for personal use. Please see the
    # Amazons license at http://www.amazon.com for more information.

Place the above inside portal-ext.properties.

You can get an Amazon License Key here: https://aws-portal.amazon.com/gp/aws/developer/registration/index.html/


You can specify which items to display by click on the configuration tab on the upper right corner of the portlet.

Separate your ISBN numbers with a space.


1. If you load Amazon Rankings Portlet, you might get a message that looks similar to:

 ERROR [WebCachePool:68] 0066620996 java.util.NoSuchElementException

Check if you've setup your Amazon Web Services key correctly in portal-ext.properties.

Check to see if the ISBN you input actually exists.

2. As of Liferay 4.2.1, Amazon Rankings Portlet currently ranks books only. The configuration will only take ISBN numbers in the 10-digit format.

3. If your Amazon Web Services key is not setup properly in Liferay, it will also affect the Shopping Portlet when you try to 'Add Books'.

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I'd like to try this services. From what I... MohdFaizul Sulaiman January 20, 2011 6:58 PM

I'd like to try this services. From what I know, the license I free to register. But, is it free to use the Amazon Web Services?
Posted on 1/20/11 6:58 PM.