Accessible Liferay Websites

This page will provide examples of websites built with Liferay which have an accessibility certification.

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Hi Julio, I tried to revalidate Transports... alex wom November 1, 2011 2:29 AM
Hi Alex, I think CSS validation is almost... Julio Camarero July 18, 2013 1:03 AM

Hi Julio, I tried to revalidate Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona ( and there are some errors in XHTML validation (may be added after the official validation), but the real problem is the css validation: there are a lot of css errors from liferay css. Do you can say that it is Standard WCAG 2.0?
Posted on 11/1/11 2:29 AM.
Hi Alex, I think CSS validation is almost impossible to achieve when you start using CSS3 features but it won't be an impediment for the accessibility of your site. Screen readers will mostly ignore the CSS and for the rest of users the validation shouldn't be an issue.

Regarding XTHML validation, if the html is bad formed there could be issues with screen readers, but most of the times these are minor issues that don't interfere with the accessibility of the site.
Posted on 7/18/13 1:03 AM in reply to alex wom.