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Liferay IDE 1.4 Plan

Plan #

Approximate release date:

  • Early October

Eclipse support:

  • Helios Java EE
  • Indigo Java EE

Release themes:

  • New Portlet Application Config Editor
  • Improved Remote Server Adapter support

Tasks and Activities #

FeatureStatusAssigned to Priority
Liferay 6.1/Tomcat 7 Local Server adapter supportFinishedGregory AmersonHigh
portlet.xml Editor In ProgressKamesh SampathHigh
liferay-portlet.xml editor In ProgressKamesh SampathHigh
Remote Liferay Server JSP DebuggingNot StartedGregory AmersonHigh
Remote Liferay Server support for JBossIn ProgressGregory AmersonHigh
Remote Liferay Server support for GlassfishNot StartedGregory AmersonMedium
Automatic portlet configuration during deploymentNot StartedMedium
Build system: target platform configuration in TychoNot StartedHigh
Build system: Automated testing / junit integration for TychoNot StartedLow
Build system: Annotation processing improvements for TychoNot StartedLow
liferay-display.xml editor Not StartedLow
liferay-look-and-feel.xml editorNot StartedLow
liferay-layout-templates.xml editorNot StartedLow

Open Issues #

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