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100 PaperCuts

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Introduction #

This project's aim is to identify and fix high-visibility, easy to correct bugs in Liferay Portal. It is driven by the wider Liferay community, with volunteers working to identify, prioritize, assign, and resolve known issues.

The Process #

  1. Identify issues. The community has always been encouraged to vote for issues that they would like to see fixed sooner rather than later. This has allowed Liferay program managers to properly prioritize bugs based on community feedback. With the 100 Paper Cuts program, voting has become even more important. We use the same voting system to identify high visibility, easy-to-fix bugs. The 100 Paper Cuts process begins with a period of time in which additional voting is encouraged. If you wish to vote for issues, please read the voting process. You can also browse this filter for potential PaperCuts bugs. This fiter shows all open bugs that haven't been already selected for inclusion into the existing Liferay development pipeline, sorted by votes.
  2. Assign and Fix. During a 2-week period, approximately 10 issues are selected and fixed based on their impact and effort required to fix. We aim for selecting bugs that take no more than 1 developer-day to fix. This period is called a "Community Sprint" and represents a fixed time amount in which to fix the identified issues. Once the sprint period is over, the process is repeated.
  3. Track progress. During and after the sprint, issues are tracked for progress, until the issue is merged with one or more Liferay releases.

Current Sprint Status #

ResolvedIn ProgressBlocked on submitterWarning!Unfixable/Not a papercut

Sprint 5: May 11, 2011 - May 25, 2011 #

Issue Summary Assigned To Status Indicator
LPS-17329 VelocityUtil.evaluate() creates velocity.log in tomcat bin directory Rafal Community Resolved
LPS-15409 Document library folder permissions not exporting/importing Juan Resolved
LPS-16863 PortletURL incorrectly created for secure resource Corne Contributed Solution
LPS-15491 Automatic "html linkification" of text http links in message board posts Boubker Contributed Solution

Previous Sprint Status #

See the [100 PaperCuts - Previous Sprints] page for detail on past sprints and their status.

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Hi James, quick question. Yesterday (Feb 1) I... Deb Troxel February 2, 2011 12:25 PM
Got a quick e-mail reply from James. I'm on... Deb Troxel February 2, 2011 1:26 PM
Hi James, I would like to point a possible... Boubker TAGNAOUTI February 3, 2011 2:30 AM
(Sorry my message was cut before the end) What... Boubker TAGNAOUTI February 3, 2011 2:39 AM
Excellent idea Boubker. We need a good way of... James Falkner February 3, 2011 11:19 AM
It sounds good... let's do it this way;-) Boubker TAGNAOUTI February 4, 2011 12:25 AM

Hi James, quick question.

Yesterday (Feb 1) I was assigned http://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-11995, but today I see that assignment goes to Milan. I did verify that that problem still exists and added a comment to the LPS that it was under investigation as part of the 100PC. Today I also noticed that that issue has been closed as a dup.

I hadn't done any work on the first one yet, so I'm just checking in - shall I forget that one and move on to the new assignment? Either one is fine with me.

Thanks for clarifying.
- Deb
Posted on 2/2/11 12:25 PM.
Got a quick e-mail reply from James.
I'm on LPS-14911 and Milan will cover LPS-11995.
Posted on 2/2/11 1:26 PM in reply to Deb Troxel.
Hi James,

I would like to point a possible source of efficiency loss in this program.
As project manager for this program, you can not ignore the fact that team's members do not all have the same skills (JSP, Velocity, JavaScript, browser compatibility, struts, ServiceBuilder, Liferay API,...)
One of the interesting aspects of "The One Hundred Paper Cut" from the Ubuntu community is that the contributor can asign himself to the issue he want to fix or think to be able to deal with (from the backlog list)...
The role of project manager in this case is to ensure that each program participant chose his task before starting another round of bug fix (sprint)
Posted on 2/3/11 2:30 AM.
(Sorry my message was cut before the end)

What do you think about letting volunteers of this program with more flexibility to deal with issues and contribute solutions?
Posted on 2/3/11 2:39 AM in reply to Boubker TAGNAOUTI.
Excellent idea Boubker. We need a good way of marking an issue as a papercut though. Our old JIRA (soon to be upgraded) does not have a good way. What I am asking currently is that we place a phrase in the comments for a given issue: "This issue is being addressed as part of the 100 PaperCuts program. Please see http://liferay.com/community/100-papercuts". Then we can set up a JIRA filter (I have already done this) to find the issues.

Perhaps we should take a couple of days during this sprint to identify 5 or 10 issues each, and mark them in this way? Then for the next sprint we can choose which ones to work from, rather than me assigning them.
Posted on 2/3/11 11:19 AM in reply to Boubker TAGNAOUTI.
It sounds good... let's do it this way;-)
Posted on 2/4/11 12:25 AM in reply to James Falkner.