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David H Nebinger
Released Today - TripWire CE and TripWire DXP
April 10, 2017 8:41 PM

David H Nebinger

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For those that don't follow my blog, I've just released two apps to the Liferay Marketplace, TripWire CE for Liferay 7 CE and TripWire DXP for Liferay DXP.

TripWire is a monitoring tool that specializes in identifying issues in the OSGi environment, allowing administrators to track OSGi module versions, statuses and services.

You might not be aware, but just starting a vanilla, clean Liferay 7 CE has almost 2,500 services and bundles. That's a lot of moving parts to try to manage and monitor on a day to day basis in your production environment.

Anyways, read more about TripWire here:

You can download TripWire from the Liferay Marketplace:

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