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Gaston Artemski
icefaces button stays "pressed"
June 14, 2009 4:26 PM

Gaston Artemski

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I have got a fundtion that is implemented in a bean and is executed. But after the execution of the function ends the button seems to be pressed.
I am using icefaces and liferay 5.2.2.

My icefaces page:

<ice:commandButton value="Add" actionListener="#{Company.addCompany}"/>

and my function out of the bean:


public void addCompany(ActionEvent event)

Important: The code within addCompany is executed and the button is still "pressed" although it should not be because the function is terminated.

Perhaps I should render the portlet new to change the button from state "pressed" to "not pressed".

Has anybody an idea?


Jonas Lauber
RE: icefaces button stays "pressed"
April 20, 2011 5:46 AM

Jonas Lauber

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Hi Gaston,

Did you get any luck with this problem? I am running into the same behavior and cannot figure out what is going on...



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