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Davide Cavalaglio
Liferay 6.1 Integration with Alfresco
August 20, 2011 9:48 AM

Davide Cavalaglio

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I am new to Liferay. I downloaded and deployed Liferay 6.1 from trunk. Then I tested the new integration features with Alfresco CMIS. In the Document Library I have added the repository via AtomPub, as explained here
Now I have the document libray pointing to Alfresco repository and I can perform CRUD operations on Alfresco directly from Liferay. I know also reported problems here

My problem is (do not forget that I am new to Liferay): if I add a web content on a page, how can I attach such an image that stay in a space of Alfresco? I thought that in the WYSIWYG editor by clicking the Resource Browser and then clicking Browse Server, I could browse the Alfresco folders and select document. Indeed in "FCK Editor Resources Browser" window I can see the folder that represents the repository created, but there are no folders(alfresco spaces) inside.

Thanks for your help