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Hervé Ménage
Maximize link and request parameters: bug? (5.0.1)
June 12, 2008 12:54 AM

Hervé Ménage

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I noticed a strange behavior in a portlet I developed. It implements a master-detail screen flow:
- The JSP master view displays a list of contacts in NORMAL mode
- A renderURL is created on each contact with windowState attribute set to MAXIMIZED, and the contact ID set as a parameter.
- I click on a contact to go to maximize state: the JSP detail view correctly displays the contact information
- I navigate back to the list by clicking the "Return to Full page" link
- I navigate to MAXIMIZED mode by clicking the "maximize" icon

What would you expect here ?
- I was expecting an error in the maximized state: as I did not selected any contact, no ID should have been added to the URL as a parameter.

Actual behavior:
- The last selected contact ID parameter is added to the URL.

A link parameter is scoped to the request, and should no longer exist after the response is committed.

Please could you explain ?
Many thanks


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