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Cesar Pajares
Liferay EE - Default Language problem
June 14, 2011 6:08 AM

Cesar Pajares

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hi all,

I have a problem when set the default language of Liferay 6 Enterprise Edition .

We virtualized two new sites, and we want to be in Spanish language by default. Changing the default language on the control panel and configuring it in Spanish, it does not then change into a portal.

We test the Language portlet, and the surprise is that when trying to select the Spanish language, the path that putting is as follows. and does not change the language. If you manually change the path "es" if that changes.
With any other language is not the case.

The funny thing is that trying to set up another default language in the control panel, for example Portuguese, Liferay works the same way. When selecting the language portlet Portuguese language redial the same url:

Can not configuring the Spanish portal by default, but it sounds so easy to do ....

In the site http://localhost:8080, I have no problem, only the sites I have virtualized ...

Any ideas?
Scott Palmer
RE: Liferay EE - Default Language problem
June 14, 2011 10:20 PM

Scott Palmer

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Hi Cesar,

Take a look at this post which outlines a few of the pitfalls associated with changing the locale.

I think if you set the default language to Spanish then the pages that are in Spanish wont have a /es/ as they are the default. It would be other versions of the page in another language that have the /en/ etc.

You can check to see that the page you are creating has the correct language by doing the following:
-Browse to the page you want to check
-Click on Manage (in the dockbar)

This will bring you to the manage pages screen and you should be able to see both the default language and the localized language. What's probably happened is one is set to Spanish and the other is English which would be why you are getting the /en/ in the URL.

If you look at the guide above it will show you how to set them by default when you first create your Liferay instance.

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