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Dustin Dertinger
Liferay 7 Service Access Policies
July 11, 2017 8:54 AM

Dustin Dertinger

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I am writing an Application Display Template in Liferay 7 to create an infinite loading feature on an Asset Publisher Portlet, and I want a particular service's get calls to be exposed to guests. I am using the Liferay Javascript object to get a pAuth token using Liferay.authToken to pass with the request, and I have included 'com.liferay.portlet.blogs.service.impl.BlogsEntryServiceImpl' as a service signature in my default Service Access Policy based on the documentation at I have also attempted included that package with #get* at the end to be specific to what I want. I'm trying to call '/blogsentry/get-group-entries', and I got the package name to include in my Service Access Policy from the /api/jsonws page. I've tried to invoke this call through JavaScript and URL, and am only able to get a response when I am signed in. If I am not signed in, I get:

{"exception":"Authenticated access required","throwable":"java.lang.SecurityException: Authenticated access required","error":{"message":"Authenticated access required","type":"java.lang.SecurityException"}}

I can see the pAuth getting correctly appended to my request:


Based on the service access policy docs I thought that adding an allowed service signature under control panel/configuration/service access policy would allow guest access, since I am including a pAuth token with my request - but I can't get this to work. After not getting these to work, I created my own service builder remote services and saw them successfully come through on the /api/jsonws page, but similarly, I have only been able to access these services while signed in (I also included this package in my service access policy as I did with the blogsEntry request).

Is there something that I am missing or doing wrong? In Liferay 7, how can I exposed json web services to guest calls so I can use web services in my UI?
Tomas Polesovsky
RE: Liferay 7 Service Access Policies
July 28, 2017 2:40 PM

Tomas Polesovsky


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Hi Dustin,

please don't use impl class name but the service name, i.e.

Also please note the "default" word in "default Service Access Policy" is a keyword. That means you must tick/check the "Default" field of SAP to be enabled.

Hope it helps.

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