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Peter Helgren
Access to API's without p_auth
July 26, 2017 8:11 AM

Peter Helgren

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Before proceeding: Yes, I know that the p_auth token is a CSRF protection mechanism. I am thankful it is there! But I have several API's that I access without the need for authentication. These are a few "marketing" portlets that present data from our database to the public (i.e. guest) BEFORE they create an account and sign in. I currently am using the MVCResourceCommand to access these resources from the portlet and would like to do it without authentication. Is there a way to do that without modifying the Optimally, it would be great if I could be pretty granular with which methods can be invoked without a p_auth token, but if I have to create individual portlets, I can do so. Most important is just being able to access the exposed API without a token.

I have seen suggestions like: @AccessControlled(guestAccessEnabled=true) (didn't work ....may have implemented incorrectly.) and:

 2     //Ignore code
 3       /**
 4            * To by-pass authentication token for non-logged in user.
 5            * Error: Invalid authentication token
 6            * @return
 7            */
 8           protected boolean isCheckMethodOnProcessAction() {
 9               return CHECK_METHOD_ON_PROCESS_ACTION;
10           }
12           private static final boolean CHECK_METHOD_ON_PROCESS_ACTION = false;

(didn't work ....may have implemented incorrectly.)

Tomas Polesovsky
RE: Access to API's without p_auth
July 28, 2017 2:31 PM

Tomas Polesovsky


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if you are on 7.0 you can use Service Access Policy and whitelist the API in "System Default" policy.

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